3 ways to reset the LG Optimus P760 L9

Once again we bring you a tutorial to reset your terminal to factory mode. In today's guide, we will teach you three different ways to achieve this goal in the LG Optimus P760 L9, a terminal until a couple of months was the flagship of LG.

The Hard-reset that we will make will help us to solve certain cases as may be the bad installation of an application, forget the unlock pattern , the phone password or simply by a malfunction of the unit. As always indicated before performing the reset to factory mode, we recommend you to make a backup of all your important data, since, after the hard reset, lose all our information.
Resetting the LG Optimus L9

Option 1 (We have access to the menus)

The first option is the simplest of all. So we'll just put us in the following path: "Menu> Settings> Backup and restore> Factory data reset> Reset Device> Clear All." Our LG Optimus L9 will request confirmation to continue. Click on the button "OK" and automatically delete all your data stored on your phone.

2nd Option

We launched the application "Phone" and type the following line of code:

970 # 3845 # *

This option also is often very simple. However, it is noteworthy that no confirmation is requested before deleted all our data. After entering the last character (#), the terminal off and back to factory condition automatically.

3rd Option (None of the above options work)

On occasion, our device can suffer some kind of inconsistency and not letting us use your touchscreen or just not boot the system. If this is your case, you must follow these steps:

With the device completely off, hold down the power button + home + volume down for 7-10 seconds. The phone will turn on and see a little Android robot on the screen. This action will get reset to factory mode our LG Optimus L9.


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