How rootear Aquaris BQ 4.5

A few days ago we explained how the BQ Aquaris rootear 5 . Because it is a terminal that has acquired great fame in recent months, today we will explain how rootearlo and access the recovery mode on its little brother, the BQ Aquaris 4.5.

As we said with the flagship of the Spanish firm, the BQ Aquaris 5, this process has been carried out on a computer with Windows 7, so it is possible that if you use another version drivers may not work correctly. Keep that in mind before you start the process.

Taking a quick look at the technical specifications of this great end, we find a 4.5-inch IPS panel with resolution 960 × 540 and wears a Dual-Core 1 GHz, all accompanied by 1GB of RAM. Regarding to the rear camera has LED flash and 8 MP. Finally, it has a 1600 mAh battery.
BQ Rooteando Aquaris 4.5

1 First we will download the following files:


Remember to be unpacked, for example on the desktop.

2nd Second, we will take your terminal and connect in debug mode. To do this we must place ourselves in "Options> About phone" and click on the build number up to 7 times in a row.

After 3rd successful the previous step, return to the settings menu and enter developer options. From here, activate the debug mode.

4:Now just have to wait for the drivers to be installed automatically.

This step only 5th I will have to make those who have had problems with the drivers, either because they detect them or just does not install. If this is your case, run the program that you downloaded "AdbDriverInstaller". Accepts all dialogs to install the program. Finally appear as if we had installed a Taiwanese drivers, ie a HTC. Yes, the BQ Aquaris takes some components of this manufacturer.

6: To continue, and once you have installed the drivers, run the file "runme.bat", this file you can find in the folder "Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v18".

7 : if the process went well, we face a new window that we will choose several options. Click on the first option and wait patiently.

8th After that, the display of our BQ Aquaris 4.5, the text "Reset Settings" and ask for a key. Do not enter a password, just limit yourself to press the button to accept the restoration.

9: When the process completes, the device will restart automatically and you're properly rooteado.

If you want to install a recovery, you can follow the steps explained in this tutorial . The process is the same, do not worry.

Warning: Flashing Cell team is not responsible for any failure or bricks that may occur during these processes terminals of rooteo.


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