How to link my phone with a Bluetooth accessory

A Windows Phone can be linked to a variety of devices and Bluetooth accessories, whether headphones, speakers, hands free kits for your car or ... In addition, there is also the possibility to link your phone to a smartphone, tablet or any other device that supports this connection type.

Linking the phone

1 First we will address to the list of applications, then we click on the icon "Settings". (Gear icon).

From 2nd screen "Settings", options clicaremos on "Bluetooth". worth mentioning that by default, this connection type is disabled in the terminal, that is why it is required to change its "Enabled".

3 ° To change this option so only requires a light touch on the button activate bluetooth .

Once enabled, your phone will start searching for other Bluetooth peripherals and devices to which to connect.

4th Needless to say, also require that the device you want to connect has enabled Bluetooth signal. If not, is not visible and can not match them.

5  If you have reached this point without any complication, you must select the accessory or terminal with which you want to match your device.

6th may request a PIN (Pairing code). Make sure that both your phone and the device you want to connect, they are using the same code. Then press "Done".
Troubleshooting and tips

Always make sure your phone is unlocked and display the Bluetooth settings screen.
If you do not know the PIN, we recommend that you use the accessory documentation. Sometimes the combination of four zeros usually works. (0000).
There are Bluetooth accessories that add features next-generation technology like NFC. You can pair your phone with the accessories compatible with this technology, simply bring them to the accessory contact mark.
Sometimes, it is possible that a device is connected to your phone and do not want to use it. To remove it, you only have to press the attachment name appears on the list, finally click on "Remove"


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