How to reset the HTC Desire HD.

For those who once were made ??with this fantastic terminal Taiwanese firm, today we bring three ways to restore data to factory mode on the HTC Desire HD. The process has been tested on multiple devices and found no problems, however, recommend that you read the note carefully that we leave at the end of this article.

As you know, the flashing process or terminal reset will wipe out all our data and multimedia content, so we strongly recommend that you carry out a backup of your critical data. In addition, remember that the hard reset or reset should be to make as long as your device does not work as it should or because we have forgotten the pattern or password, etc..

Method 1: (Soft Reset)

The first and simplest method is linked to constant blockages or partial blockages might our terminal. If it freezes or does not respond, we will try to remove the battery and replacing it. Through this process will restart the system, this process is also known as "Soft Reset".

2nd Method (By the menus)

If you have access to system menus, and the above process has not served us as a solution, we will try the second method. We will restore the data to factory mode previously so we will have to remove the SIM card. Once done, click on the menu and then 'Settings> SD card & phone> Factory data reset> Reset phone. "

Remember that this option will erase all data on the device. Most likely the system is not required to enter a password or pattern unlock. After entering the correct security credentials, the terminal automatically reset and start with the Hard Reset.

3rd Method (Shortcut keys)

If you've come this far and still have not managed to reset the terminal, go running out of options. The latter method requires previously off the terminal. Once done, we press and hold the volume down button. Then without releasing the previous button, press the button to power on or off.

If everything went correctly, you should appear the Android home screen, that is when we can release the buttons. To navigate through the menus and options we will use the volume buttons. We move to the option of "Factory data reset" and finally pressed the power button.

Seek confirmation one must therefore make sure that once you confirm the terminal will reboot and begin the reset process.

Note: Flashing Cell team is not liable for any errors or bricks in his cell.


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