Control the camera remotely from your iPhone

WiFi Camera: Control the camera remotely from your iPhone

This time we talk about a very useful for all who are users of mobile phones and the renowned brand: Apple. It is an application that allows remote control of camera phones, which run under the same operating system type. In this case we speak of all iOS. The present program is WiFi Camera.

How is it that we can control remotely? Well it is a system that links the two devices over the wireless Internet. Then you can leave, like your iPhone still without moving, and from another device, such as another iPhone, accionas the camera shot, or you can access all the details of customization, such as zoom, focus, and all that is available .

While it is a very good application, which makes us all professional photographers, it also has some restrictions, like you need the latest version of the iOS operating system (a minimum requires iOS 5) and it only works with devices the same company, Apple. These last two points greatly reduces the ability of the program, since the phones / tablets that have the latest software are the newest and therefore the most expensive. Regardless it is a paid application which costs about $ 3. Hopefully in the future this application to be developed for Android or Windows Phone so we can all enjoy the photos taken remote images.


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