WhatsApp becomes more secure and encrypt your messages

WhatsApp becomes more secure and encrypt your messages

If you're using WhatsApp and worries you too your privacy, this guide will give you very important news. For some time, the service excellence of mobile messaging and encryption features.

This means that millions of messages sent every day are safer, although it is unknown which algorithm is used. The news has come with the change history of the last iPhone version, but apparently applies encryption since May 2012.
So far, when were sending a message with this service, anyone who was in the same network as you could read it as WhatsAppSniffer or WhasAppXtract tools as used WhatsApp unencrypted XMPP protocol.

In the mobile network (GSM) was very complicated, but in the local network anyone could read it easily. But now we must believe in what the creators say, the service is more safe, at least, these tools do not serve to spy on our emails.

Anyway, if you still worry about privacy, there are a few practices that could help you feel more secure.

Do not post confidential Wi-Fi networks or public shared.

WhatsApp update your version whenever possible.

Delete records conversation often.


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