Best Secret Tips & Tricks For Your NOKIA Cell Phone

Hello friends... we are cell phone tips and tricks group..
Today We will  going to teach   supper  tips and tricks for your nokia phone

To check the nokia phones Software vision for Nokia phone
in the main screen.. now  type.. *#0000#

To enter in the secret menu in Ur Nokia mobile .in the main screen type *#92702689# (*#war0anty#)
hey...  then  you can  look  some of the info below..
1. Displays the Ur Nokia Phone  Serial Number.
2. Displays the Ur Nokia Phone..  Month and Year of Manufacture
3. Displays the Ur nokia phone  date where the phone was purchased (DD/MM/YY)
4. Displays the Ur Nokia phone .. date of the last repair
5. Shows life timer of Ur Nokia  phone

To restore Factory Settings for Ur Nokia mobile Phone:

in the main screen.. now  type..
*#7780# reset to factory settings.

Taking image without getting noticed:

Turn on/off the “click” sound created   with the camera selecting the "Silent" profile or by  warning tone on or off.

Hid your Mobile Number

Then Go to: Menu > Tools > Settings > Call > Send My Caller ID >"Yes"or "No" or 'Set in Net' just to follow the default phone settings of your home net.
It works only with some few network who provide U facility of "Private Number"

Speed Dialing From Sim  contact's

Then Type number followed by # then call.
For Example: 1# or 4# or 9#

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