How to configure mail Android - iOS?

As we know, the famous and classic webmail services, Hotmail, popular Web mail. A few weeks ago, changing its name to Outlook, and share domain name with this mailer.

Over time, this service promises to have a good performance, which is why many users stick to it and want to have it running on your mobile device. Because of this, in this guide I decided to explain, or take away some doubts about its operation or how to set up your Outlook in Android - iOS.

Later, surely Outlook appear official applications for phone platforms, but meanwhile have to settle for configuring the email account of this server to your mobile device with any application that supports the POP3 protocol. This customer can access native Android or iOS or any service. Then follow these steps:

Write your complete e-mail address.

Then choose manual or POP3 settings.

Now you must change the port 995 and POP3 server By default, probably will

Now have allowed all SSL / TSL.

After the SMTP server configured with the following data:, port 587, without credentials.

Finally, one is left set the properties of your customers, they are: Sync intervals, remember authenticity, and more. With these steps taken can use your Outlook account on your mobile device.


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