LG flexible OLED smartphone display

LG flexible OLED smartphone display enters production

LG's curved display production plans are coming back on nicely, because the company has officially proclaimed these days that its 1st flexible OLED panel for smartphones has entered production.

The company expects a fast success of the flexible smartphone displays saying that alternative merchandise also are attending to have the benefit of the new technology. Such candidates embody tablets, automotive displays and wearable devices.

The flexible OLED display in question is 0.44mm skinny creating it the slimmest among existing mobile device panels, consistent with LG. moreover, the display itself is constructed victimization plastic substrates rather than glass. This makes it just about unbreakable, whereas remaining quite bendable.

We're but to examine the corporate announce any smartphones with aforementioned flexible OLED display. There ar rumors that Korean giants Samsung and LG can unveil curved OLED smartphones in October, however nothing has been confirmed nonetheless.

LG's device has been reported to debut the company's Z series and also the company seems to be during a furious race with Samsung to unveil such a smartphone.


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