How to broadcast a message in Windows Phone

Today we tend to bring a straightforward guide that may justify the way to unfold a message of WhatsApp for Windows Phone users. This feature can permit U.S. to send a broadcast message (email blast) to all or any our friends quickly.

Spreading a message

1 First, launch the appliance WhatsApp.

2nd Next, we tend to click on the 3 dots at the lowest right corner.

3rd Once there, choose the choice of "new media".

4th At now you've got to put in writing the names of the contacts you wish to send. you furthermore mght have the flexibility to feature recipients from the contacts list. A quicker and easier method.

5 º currently we've got to click on the arrow icon and write the message you wish to send.

6th Finally, calculate simply click on the envelope icon Post to transmit the printed properly.

Remember that once causation a broadcast message can mechanically begin a replacement chat with every user. additionally, you must understand that solely contacts you've got supplementary to your list will receive such messages. Therefore, if a contact doesn't receive your messages have to be compelled to make sure you've got supplementary antecedently.


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