How To Share Photos And Locations By SMS.

In addition to the classic instant electronic messaging applications like WhatsApp and LINE will be conjointly triumphed at the time the text messages, referred to as SMS. For all those people that need to share photos and placement on the map of wherever they're, nowadays we'll show you the way to try and do it via SMS in Windows Phone.

Sharing an image by SMS

It is value mentioning that we are able to share photos or videos you've got hold on within the device memory or send them before. additionally, you'll be able to conjointly share photos of our Facebook or SkyDrive

1 First, we tend to move to "Application List> Posts'.

2nd Next, click on "New" and so enter the name, email or signaling of the person you would like to send the text message. we tend to write this info in "To".

Third third press the button to "Attach", choose image or video and so choose the file you would like to connect.

4 º currently we tend to click on the message box, write the specified message and eventually ironed the "Send".

Sharing our location by SMS

1 1st we tend to move in the mesages. "application List> Post'.

2nd even as within the previous case, we tend to prolong "New" and indicate within the box "To" name, email address or number of the person you would like to send the SMS.

We ironed on third clip "Attach" and so click on "My Location". mechanically embeds a map of your current location.

4th Finally, click on the message box and sort the message you would like to send. Click on "Submit."


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