How to delete a contact on WhatsApp

And we continue with one of our most active sections, the guide WhatsApp . Today we are going to explain in a few steps the way we Android users delete a contact on WhatsApp . If you follow the steps below, do not pose any difficulty.

Removing a contact on WhatsApp

Know that all contacts listed WhatsApp come from our phone's contact list. Thus, we are unable to edit them directly from the application. Knowing this, we can make it clear that to remove a contact from our list of WhatsApp will have previously remove our phone contacts.

Now we will detail the steps you must follow to find the WhatsApp contact our phone's contact list:

1 First locate the contact you want to delete.

2nd Next, click on it. Now it's the name of it in the top of the screen.

Inside the 3rd contact information screen, stand on the menu button and click on view in the contact list.

4  Finally, from this new screen you'll be able to remove it from your list of contacts.

But that's not all, once you've done the four steps described above, we will launch WhatsApp again. Click on the menu button and then on the "Update".

You may still see the contact, usually because you are viewing the chat screen. If that's your case, keep it pressed and press the context menu "Remove Chat".


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