Remove or reinstall applications on Windows Phone

You should know that if you delete an app or game from your device, you will increase and free space. In addition, it also erases all information contained therein, as the game archive files, notes, etc.. Before deleting anything should be sure of what you do.

Removing an application

1 First go to the application list, select the application (press and hold) and then click the uninstall option.

2nd usually asks for confirmation. Click on the Yes button
Deleting a game

This process is as simple as above.

1 First, from the home screen click on the games icon.

Inside 2nd Collection, hold the game and press Uninstall.

Simple right?
Reinstalling applications from the phone

If for some reason you accidentally deleted an app or terminal has changed, do not worry because you can always reinstall the apps and games you purchased, without having to pay for them. (This will be possible if still available in the store of Windows Phone).

1 From the Home screen, click the Store icon.

2nd Find the application or game you are going to reinstall.

3rd At this point you can perform one of two actions:

-If it is a free app or game, simply click on Install.

-In the case of an application or set of payment, click on the Buy button. In the confirmation screen you will see a message that indicates that you have previously purchased this application. Click on Install.

4th Finally, you only have to follow the instructions to reinstall the application.
Reinstalling applications from PC

1 Open your browser (Internet Explorer, G.Chrome, Mozilla, etc.) and open the following link.

2 º If you look closely at the top, particularly in the upper right of the screen, you'll see a small form to login. This session will start with your Microsoft account. (It was formerly known as Windows Live ID).

3 In this same drop-down menu position yourself and access shopping history.

Once inside 4th purchase history, find the application you want to reinstall. Is likely to re-define your data from Microsoft account access.

5th Finally, just follow the steps in the official website.

NOTE: It is possible that the Windows Phone store is not available in your region.


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