How to hard reset the Sony Xperia S

Today we bring you another of our classic guides Flashing phones , how to reset to factory mode (hard reset) the device Sony Xperia S. We will detail three ways to do this, but first, we need you to know why you should or not perform these steps.

As some of you know, the hard reset is the action that will allow us to factory reset our Android device. That is, leave it as fresh out of the box. Why do I reset my terminal? Were advised to carry out this process as long as your device does not work as it should, when problems and inconsistencies with mobile, improperly installed or uninstalled applications, password, PIN or unlock pattern forgotten, etc..
Resetting the Sony Xperia S

Please note that following any of the steps below to completely remove the contents of your device, we recommend that you back up your most valuable information. Also, do not forget to recharge the battery up and disconnect the SIM and SD card from your "small" Xperia S.

Option 1 (access from the menu)
If your terminal is not blocked and still have access to the menu, you must go to the option of a factory data reset. From Menu> Settings> Backup and restore> Factory data reset> Reset phone> Erase everything.

Close your eyes and say goodbye to your information.
2nd Option (By "Soft Reset")
You may not yet may know this method, however, and starts to apply on some terminals. The method "Soft Reset" is to remove the battery and replacing it, thanks to this simple step, get reset mobile. Very useful for cases where it is locked and does not respond to your keystrokes.

3rd Option (No access to menus)
Turn off your phone and hold simultaneously pressed-keys-camera + volume up + power button or power. A menu appears on the screen of your device. Helping key volume up and down, scroll to the recovery option. To select it, simply stand on it and press the on off.

At this point you will see a yellow triangle with the Android doll inside, that is when you press the volume keys (both) until recovery menu. Scroll to the option of a factory data reset.

Remember that after pressing on the latter option does not ask for confirmation.


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