How to submit content for WhatsApp on Nokia devices

You may occasionally want to send a picture, video, sound or maybe a contact or location to a family or friend. In WhatsApp for Nokia also have this functionality. It's simple, here's how.

Sending media on WhatsApp

1 Open a new chat window with a person or group. Remember that you must be the person or people you want to send this information.

2  If you have a Nokia S60 touch panel, click on the icon "clip" and select the file you want to send. If instead your Nokia S60/S40 saw a physical keyboard, select "Options> Send File".

3 Remember, you can send an existing file on your terminal or create it again before sending it.

If you want to forward messages or multimedia content, remember to select the file or message and click on "Options> Forward" to share with a contact or group. It is also important to know that when forwarding a file can not be regenerated in the gallery or folders WhatsApp. This is because the original file is stored on servers.

Note: S60 devices have the ability to send the location and share contacts with our friends.


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