Locate your terminal from Android Device Manager

Before explaining what it is and how it works with Android Device Manager, I would note that as its name suggests, this tool-exclusively-works for terminals Android ecosystem. That said, let's take a look at one of the features that most surprised us in this year 2013.

Companies like Samsung already offer similar services. However, the guys from Mountain View announced a few weeks ago a press release stating that this August launch a device location service lost, whether by theft or loss. Moreover, as one would expect, also includes the ability to remotely remove the entire contents of the device. Something that seems, at least, amazing.

Android Device Manager is just a web from which we will always have our devices located on a map. It includes the ability to select one of our terminals to see their location, make it sound remotely, mute or delete information.

How do I access ADM?

Access to the web is downright simple, simply place ourselves in gear Google Play (web version) or go directly to the following address: Android.com / DeviceManager .

It is noteworthy that for all Android Device Manager features work properly we have to go until Google settings of your terminal and activate device administrator placement option. Finally, restoring the data remotely.

What do you think? Did you tried?


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