Resetting the HTC One SV

A day bring you a guide to reset a Android handset to its factory state. In this case we speak of the Taiwanese HTC One SV cell. This is a mid-range terminal would not have to give us any problems. However, if it crashes, it does uninstall applications or just have forgotten the unlock pattern , we recommend the following steps.

The process of restoring to factory condition is also known as Hard Reset. This process will completely erase everything on the device, therefore, recommended Phones Flashing back up before performing these actions.

If the terminal is locked and does not respond to our actions or the display is turned on, you can try to perform a "soft reset" or whatever it is, remove the battery from HTC One SV to restart.
Reset Method 1 (Using the menus)

If still no response activated in the terminal, you must perform a hard reset. Remove the SIM card, turn the phone on and position yourself in "Settings> Storage (SD card and memory)> Rest. Factory Data> Reset phone. " Remember that after confirming this action will erase all data.

By default, after the first confirmation ask, we also asked the unlock pattern or password mobile. Introduce them and hopes to restart and turn on again.
Reset 2nd Method (Using the key combination)

If none of the above two forms is successful, you have to turn off the phone and try using the following key combination. Press and hold the volume down button, then press the power button until the Android home screen. After that, you can release the buttons and you have maintained.

To navigate the menus offered to us, use the up and down buttons volume. To confirm any action, we will click on the button (Power).

We went down to the option "Factory data reset" and press the Power button. We again choose "Yes" to confirm. The terminal reboots and resets the data to factory condition.

Note: Flashing Cell team is not liable for any errors or brickeos terminals that may occur during any of these processes.


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