The People Hub in Windows Phone

On occasion I have heard many Windows Phone users, Android (Samsung devices) ask was that of "People Hub". Today we will explain just that, what is the People Hub and you get at it.

The People Hub is more than it seems (a small and simple agenda). This is an address book and contacts that unifies various social services such as your Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, etc.. In addition, it also helps you keep in touch with family and friends, ultimately, know more what do your loved ones.

Here we detail each of the sections that are in the "People Hub" of Windows Phone.

News: From this section you can check each and every one of the latest updates from your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It also offers you the ability to filter all the information you want to see about your contacts.
Recent: From here you will have quick and easy access to recent contacts you have consulted or even the last chatted with you via message or held a telephone conversation.
Together: This section will allow you to create groups and chat rooms with your friends and see what's new photo albums, calendars, notes, etc.. You can also open a group to see the latest news and pictures of your friends.
All: As you can see, this is your full list of contacts. From here, click on the name of a user, you can call, send a text message and even post a message on your Facebook wall. With regard to the view called "History", as its name suggests, show a complete history with the latest calls and conversations that have been recently maintained a contact.

The truth is it's fabulous and unify all these features. Would not you think?

Remember that when you pin a contact, group or living in the home menu , is displayed fully automatic all updates and new messages are sent in each of these sites.


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