How to record calls on Android

Surely many have been the occasions that have interested you record a conversation you've had with a family member, friend or acquaintance. The application that today we bring you allow just that, record a conversation quickly and easily.

However, before detailing its use and function, we inform you that the recording of conversations in certain countries, without prior notice to the other person, is crime. Therefore alerts the other party that the conversation will be stored in your phone. Everything is under your responsibility. That said, we started.
Installing InCall Recorder

There are many applications that can do what we will explain below, but we think InCall Recorder will meet all your expectations.

First, it will download and install this app . On the home screen you will see a small tutorial that walks you through each of the features offered. The application will allow us to make the recording of all calls automatically or recording a particular call manually.

Suffice to take the call for it to be recorded. Once the conversation so we'll just heading to the folder where the recordings are stored. It is noteworthy that we can also open the last recording conducted from notification menu. Moreover, we edit (changing hertz and decibels) even share with other users or upload it to our personal or public folder of dropbox.

InCall Recorder has over 500,000 downloads in the past month and an average score of 4.4.

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