WhatsApp on Android and allows the broadcast of images

A few days ago, the popular WhatsApp application is updated to version 2.11.12, bringing many new features for sending pictures, automatic downloads of multimedia content and improvements over sending broadcast messages (messages) between other.

With this latest update, Android users will not have to head to the gallery to send more than one picture on WhatsApp, since from the application itself can select. The method is simple, just hold down an image and then select the rest. Comment we capped at 10 images at a time. Moreover, also will allow us to crop or rotate all images before they are sent. What do you think?

As if this were not enough, it has increased the limit of recipients to which we can send a broadcast message. The limit set in this version are 50 people. Regarding automatic downloads of multimedia content , now allow us completely independently select what will be the action to be carried out depending on images, music or videos and type of connection have enabled, WiFi or mobile data.

Note: To enable this option you will have to put yourself into "Settings> Chat> Auto download. Multimedia ".
Finally, the development team has improved the administration of the network and its connections as well as the verification of the phone number, saving the battery, notification tones and interface emoticons.


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