Android phone & GPS

Using Android phone to plan our tours and make it more fun

Travel you can be quite stressful, but if you have an Android phone hand need not be so. By its nature, and its portability, mobile phones are a wonderful complement to any trip. They are lightweight, versatile and small size to fit in your pocket. If you wear one when you travel, you can forget about carrying maps and guides. Google Maps and the many Apps and travel web pages very well replace them.

But there are more things that can make your journey it even more great, there applications that let you check train schedules, no matter where you are, in real time. So you can be aware of if there are delays or cancellations. You can translate the menus Castilian language with ease and keep a full diary of your trip and make sure you have your important documents and information needed to hand.

Your Android phone benefits from having an integrated GPS ensures you will not miss ever, besides allowing you to find a good bar or restaurant nearby.

Invest a few minutes in the store of Google Play can make a difference. Using Apps flight is also very useful to check if your plane will take off or not in time, and also for those who will pick you up at the airport. You can also use the phone to find a good hotel, which is what is generally sought after a long and tiring trip.

The only thing that could make the phone is packing their bags for the trip, but even has apps to remind you that you have to carry.


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