Better to charge the phone via USB or plugged into the wall ?

Today we will introduce a new guide in this section refers to the batteries of the devices. In this case, we will respond to what cases it is better to charge it via USB and what cases it is better to upload directly from the wiring in our house , because each case has its pros and cons.

USB Loading

Outside USB standards , discuss the 2.0 release, currently the most widespread . It is clear that there is always a USB connection to a host, the PC is the host device and the phone , which means that electricity only flows dispositivo.Vale host to clarify that there are three types of USB : USB 2.0 can be up to 500 mA (amps ), USB 3.0, which can be up to 900 mA USB load and strict , which are those used paredm adapters while the first two are those found in the PC , the latter may go up the 1.5A . But this is the theory , almost all break the USB standard and specifications. The iPhone , for example, 2.1A to 5V . The old PC USB mixed , so it may be the case that your phone load faster on a port in another. But this does not interest us , what we should concern are the effects on our battery .

For example, USB battery charging occurs trickle charging ( USB provides electric current less - amperage) , causing the battery last longer in time , ie , stay better with the passage of the cycles load . As opposed to doing the charging cycle to be executed right after turning the terminal to be less effective , although in percentage is highly variable, for example in the Nokia Lumia 800 differences have been noted up to one hour .

Note : USB charging is slower , but will make our battery lasts over time .

Loading it connected to the electrical
As opposed to USB , this method is faster , but may have a greater effect on our devices batteries . Depending on the adapter you have, you can give an output of 500 mA up to 2100 mA , such as the iPhone . Currently, you can connect any phone to any USB , and in the worst case it will is a bit of heat in the battery and faster loading .

The effect on the battery , therefore, is that the loading cycle that will start disconnecting only a bit duration ( battery last longer ) . With the passage of time , in return, will see a decline of the phone to stay awake .


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