Blackberry BBM for Android and iPhone

BBM for Android and iPhone : What do you look Blackberry ?

What a news in the technological world of the day. Surely most of you will have heard and for those who do not , tell them that soon may have BBM for Android and iPhone , in other words, the exclusive courier RIM devices now enlarge your potential users.

As part of the annual conference of developers , Blackberry Live, which took place in Orlando this announcement was made that shocked the entire world's technology community . In addition, it announced news about new devices and other technologies from the company that extension for a reason not covered here .

What do you look to expand its exclusive Blackberry BBM for Android and iPhone ?

It seems that the answer is pretty obvious that what is sought is to significantly enlarge the spectrum of users using this application since, at the time that came out alternatives such as WhatsApp and LINE , BBM lost much ground. Now the question I personally raises is whether or not the company you should give this benefit to Android and iOS , as it is not another incentive to not use RIM devices and if other companies ? Time will tell which strategy was this market and given fruit or not .

What phones can have BBM for Android and iPhone ?

This question is intrinsically linked with the previous one. The first thought I had when I heard the news is that Blackberry would lose many users to expand its messaging service as there are mobile which features Android , much cheaper than a team of RIM. However, this data is of utmost importance, only devices with Android OS 4.x or later are those who may rely on this application . On the side of Apple , iPhone more precisely , only those BBM may have terminals with iOS 5 or higher.

Features BBM for Android and iPhone :

Include all functions of the Blackberry mobile application . That is:


File Transfer

Video calls

But , they will gradually enabling , ie first will only be available to send text , then , by an update may transfer files , and finally , with another update can make video calls .

That's all for now . As soon go the respective download links TodoDescarga not doubt that they are provided. Any new finding we leave we shall advise .


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