Denies that begins to be free Whatsapp

Denies that begins to be free Whatsapp

From this humble position, let us be let you know that has been a cruel lie which began circulating a few days ago. I mean, it was said that the top brass of the company that develops Whatsapp would take the annual cost has this application.

This rumor was based on the great fears that this company generates the advancement of alternative systems IM: Line Messenger and Blackberry Messenger. As these only 10% of the market that has already installed Whatsapp. This was a tremendous joy to all who are users of this program, even today, as the co-founder came out to deny the rumor that he was sounding increasingly stronger around the world.

Joam words Koum Spanish daily ABC were strong and forceful: "The policy of the company or has changed or will change." He also explained that technicians are working hard to solve the problem that was tormenting to all who were forced to renew their annual membership: One day the payment was made to such membership, and after two or three days again requested the renewal of the license.

Also, this man Joam Koum, said that the company policy of Whatsapp is taking no others that have been typical of any leader: "We allow free use of the program during the first year, across all platforms, and then that this time expires require payment of membership "


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