Download Games for Chinese phones

Download Games for Chinese phones

In recent years Chinese cell phones have been introduced in the market significantly. There have been known for producing phones with features and options than the others. The most prominent think we all know is that it has the possibility of introducing more than one SIM and most of them have a satellite dish with which we can watch some TV.

On this occasion, we present a Chinese mobile games. The first thing to know is that these phones "cloned" do not have a licensed operating system like Android, Windows Phone or Symbian, used a similar operating systems so an official store is outstanding.

The vast majority has Java support, as I used to use the Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and others. Extensions of games that can be used in this type of equipment are: NES, Java and MRP. Regarding the first, corresponds to those phones that have a Nintendo emulator, Java version. Jar files and finally the MRP is a special extension of any of the models.

Once you have learned all this, what we should do is turn to websites containing games for these systems. Some pages where you can find information or Chinese mobile games are as follows


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