Unlocking Alcatel phones

Unlocking Alcatel phones'

Alcatel phones are not as required as other phones but have certain features that differentiate others. In my opinion one Alcatel Android prefieron before a Nokia with Symbian. Then I will present a guide on how to unlock Alcatel phones by code.

Guide to unlock Alcatel phones

First method:

1 - We enter a SIM card from another operator and we turn on the phone

2 - I'm sure we ask the PIN, so we introduce

3 - Then I'm sure we will see a message saying "Enter Network Key" or "Enter Network Code", enter the unlock code and Alcatel has been released

Second method:

1 - We remove the SIM card from your mobile phone and turn on the phone

2 - We enter the following code: * # 0000 * #

3 - Then we enter the following: * # 0001 * #

Third method:

If another SIM card to enter our phone does not ask us to release the code, we have to write the following code on the screen: # # # 765 * 08 #

These three methods work in several models of Alcatel. You'll have to try that works on your mobile, but usually the first method is the one that works.

How to unlock Alcatel ELLE

1 - We remove the SIM card and then turn it on

2 - If we are asked to turn on the PIN, we introduce

3 - And finally we enter the following code: # # # 765 * 08 #

4 - Once done those steps should allow us enter the unlock code

How to unlock Alcatel 531 and 535

1 - As we have done in previous methods, we turn on the phone without SIM card

2 - Then, hold down the * key and as we mark 787 292

3 - a menu will appear with the option to "Unlock Network" or "Unlock Network". We press where it says "YES"

4 - And finally introduce the release code


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