Firefox 19 for Android now supports themes

Firefox 19 for Android now supports themes

Today, we are approaching them good news for all those who are addicted to browsing the web with our Android devices: Firefox acutalizó. So, the most popular browser that was updated, now in version "19" and is available in our operating system.

While updates almost never bring significant improvements, or rather, we are not aware of these improvements or perhaps the changes are very slow and progressive that are imperceptible. For this new version brings something very cute: Support for themes.

Support for themes?? Yes, now you can customize the maximum a browser. Since Google's operating system is very customizable, with this we begin to get a few things that can not be "Giving the personal touch." If you do not have this latest update, go to Google Play Store and download it. Once installed, it only remains for you to explore the theme gallery offered by this company and install the one you like.

Here I offer the following:

Go to Menu, then Tools, there you go Ins.
Once inside we seek the latter option button that says "Themes", and see that we have many categories.

I am interested to note that, with the advent and improvement of technology, mobile devices and increasingly resemble more and more laptops, even there are many phones that have hardware far superior to commercial laptop. I think, that this reason is that many companies rely on software developers such as Mozilla, to seek and enhance your applications in order to approximate the characteristics of computer programs and get better returns.


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