Why buy an Android ?

Why buy an Android ?

The Android operating system is already implemented in most Smartphone from most mobile companies . And for years that is chosen by millions of people in the world, now the question is , why have an Android ? , What benefits me ? . Next we will detail some features to consider when buying an Android and why it benefits us .

The screen and its resolution

You could say that 95 % of people who will buy a cell phone, the first thing is fixing your computer screen. I personally recommend the screen of 3.2 and 3.7 inches, and that is economical , is inserted into the pocket without any problems and we make a big screen makes scrolling within it. The other issue that comes with the screen is the resolution it has. The resolution helps us determine our quality of image . We might have a phone with a screen of 2.3 " and a resolution of 240 × 320 , will look good , but if the resolution is higher (which with a screen and have achieved better resolution ) will be much better. It recommends cell with a resolution of 320 × 480, and that is not very big nor small and inexpensive .

Current celularesLos processors who own mobile processors are designed for playing HD movies , download pages and to run a variety of games and applications offered by Google Play. Today it is considered that a good processor has to be between 700 MHz and 1000 MHz are phones that have 1000 MHz (1 GHz ) and more too.

So it is advisable to seek dual-core phones because if a cell has a processor with 1 GHz dual core will have to know that each core is 1 GHz each , so you would be buying a good phone .

RAM , Internal and External Memory

This is another issue to consider when choosing our terminal. Let's start with the RAM , which here in the RAM cell meets as an adjunct processor is recommended above 250 Mb of RAM and with regard to the internal memory , it is recommended a lot of MB .

In mobile ranges from 200 MB to 350 MB by default because applications are installed on it, but as of version 2.3 of Android , such applications will begin to install the memory card .

Here are some issues to consider when choosing a mobile operating system Android are . As far as I was concerned, use and recommend the Sony Ericsson Smartphone .

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