Guide Line for iPhone

Guide Line for iPhone

We have published a guide to Android Line , now it's the turn of iPhone. In this guide line for iPhone going to find a mini - guides to call them in a way , which will detail issues such as sending a voice memo as well as free calls to personalize our background in iPhone Line . Are specified below .

How to customize background in iPhone Line

To change the background on your iPhone Line will have to access the Line menu . Once we have entered the ' Settings ' and then look for the ' Chatroom ' . In reaching this option will notice that we can choose a background image for our conversations in Line. We can choose our own designs are there Line or we select / upload a picture ours.

How to send a voice note in Line

To send a voice note in Line Instant messaging from your iPhone will have to access the chat part of the person you want to send a voice note . Once inside click on the '+' button located in the lower left corner . When pressed we will display a menu with several options including select ' Audio Message ' .

When we are ready to record, touch and hold down ( important) button located in the center of the screen to record our voice note , once we have finished him loose and audio are automatically sent to the contact you have wanted to send the memo .

How to make a free call from Line

To make a free call from the application line through our iPhone have to know something important before you follow the steps. The call is free if we are connected to a wireless network or if we have a data packet in our rate , otherwise we will charge . Now we cleared this with the guide.

We entered the chat room you want to call contact we will have to press the icon in the upper right corner . You will notice that as the previous guide , we will display a menu with several options, select the one that says ' Free ' and has a picture of a phone. Pressing start will see that call.

I hope you have served this small guide on Line. You can visit most of these instant messaging on the following link : Guidelines on Instant Messaging


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