How to configure Internet on iPad , iPhone or iPod

How to configure Internet on iPad , iPhone or iPod

This time I will explain how to configure internet on our iPad , iPhone or iPod with a few simple steps. Apple terminals are having a big impact from a decade you might say, but when we are new to this kind of technology always takes us a while to understand the works and for the teams to have properly configured . One of the important issues is to have well configured Internet in our Apple terminal to navigate without any problems.

Connecting to a hidden wireless network ?

This query has come and long since checking out of our house or traveling perpetually seeking wireless networks to achieve quick navigation . To connect to a hidden network , headed to Settings and click on the option access.

To gain access to the wireless settings , activate the Wifi with the slider virutal our terminal and Apple automatically search for wireless networks in order to establish a connection. Now , as we find hidden networks ? and how we connect them? . Good to be able to connect to a hidden network have to click on the " Other " and then we can manually add data network you want to connect . When I talk about data , talk to enter network name, security type. Then we asked for the password . If all the data are well written will access the network without any problem.

How do I connect to a network without IP assigned automatically ?

This is another problem that we see in many Apple users. We can see that to connect to a wireless network does not use DHCP to automatically assign IP addresses . To get automatically assign IP addresses then proceeded to click on Wireless Settings , activate it and seek the network you want to connect but not click on it if not on the blue arrow on the right. Once inside these settings click on the tab that says " Static " and enter the data you are going to ask .

How to delete a wireless network ?

You may have to delete wireless profiles that we do not use anymore or just because we want to have an ordered list of wireless profiles . To delete wireless networks , come to Settings, and activate Wifi connectivity to the virtual slider . Again click on the blue button on the network you want to delete, and enter the same settings . Once inside click on the option to " Forget this Network " and confirm the operation.


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