Hiding "Last Time" on WhatsApp

Hiding "Last Time" on WhatsApp

As you know, WhatsApp is one of the best known and multiplatataforma applications to one of the most used in the market, no matter if you have BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia or any smartphone, as you have a version for each.

A recurring WhatsApp users will love to know that the application also allows you to configure some aspects to improve privacy, the role they explain in this guide is "last time". If you use WhatsApp daily, surely noticed that the application charges when was the last time you opened the conversation that contact, indicating the date and time.

To avoid any complications with the contacts and assemble them confusion, then we give a brief explanation of how to use it.

To disable and re-enable the option or feature Last time we will have to do is the following: Head to Settings menu, several options will appear in a list, to which we must turn now to chat Configuration submenu. Finally, go to the Advanced tab, now I just have to uncheck Last time function.

This process is not carried out at once, it may take more than one day stop showing this information, and we encourage users to patience.


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