How to retrieve and view conversations in Whats App

How to retrieve and view conversations in Whats App

In this guide, you will see how to retrieve conversations Whats App using your SIM card or the same phone number. This will be very helpful when your mobile is in repair or stop working, the only requirement you need is to have the SIM card of the phone that you used. In the event that the card is faulty, and borrows a card when configuring Whats App enter your phone number.

Those discussions that are of great importance, may be recovered without any problems. Only Whats App must be installed in the new phone, it is very important to be Android, iPhone, Nokia or any other.

Once the application is installed, you will be prompted to set the configuration. Now should write the same number as used before in the said application and thus, may get these old conversations and contacts forever.

But, if you only want to change the phone number and not lose data, and talks WhatsApp messages, then do this:

Go to the status bar of Whats App and write the new number.

Then reinstall the application and write on the screen check the new number. With that and the messages and conversations are the old number to the new account for you to use it without any problem exists.

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