How it works WhatsApp

How it works WhatsApp

This is one of the most common questions sent to us. How it works WhatsApp, is it really free?, Do you I can send to any phone that has WhatsApp? Before answering these questions, I will answer the question:

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application for Smartphone. Not only can send text messages for free, but we can also make deliveries of images, videos and audio. This tool uses the data network to the mobile device is running, so it works only with Internet.

how it works whasapp

WhatsApp is available for most operating systems, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone. The application can be downloaded free of heading to their official website: WhatsApp

How it works WhatsApp?

When you install WhatsApp creates an identifier us through your phone number so that when you add someone to your contact list and install the application may see those containing WhatsApp.

In mobile and BlackBerry application going to give us a list of people who have WhatsApp on other phones, such as Nokia C3 in the same contact list will tell us an icon / brand who have installed WhatsApp.

WhatsApp send free messages?

This is one of the questions that we often get. The answer is yes, but why sometimes I charged?. WhatsApp is an application that needs to be connected to a network. In the BlackBerry handsets are not going to find any problem if we have a plan but if we use a S40 Nokia possessing or 60 and we are not connected to a network if we charged. There is also the possibility of buying the data pack for WhatsApp, actually if we are people sending several messages a day we should buy these data packets.


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