HTC One Toolkit

HTC One Toolkit

The article that we bring you today is designed specifically for owners of an HTC Taiwanese terminal One also believe that it is almost indispensable requirement you like tinkering with your phone new ROMs and functionalities.

With the tool "HTC One Toolkit", launched by the developer squabbi XDA-Developers, you can rooting, unlocking the bootloader, and more from your PC with just making a couple of clicks. As already discussed, this tool will allow us to unlock the bootloader terminal and rootearlo and to perform Revone S-Off. As you can imagine, after these processes we can install any custom ROM that we like, all in the simplest way possible. Say goodbye to the command line.

HTC One Toolkit AIO is a tool that is all in one or "All in One". It is price that runs on the Windows platform since automatically install the necessary drivers to change the required parameters of the terminal. And best of all, do not worry if you're not really into this world, because you will not have to type a command, you will realize everything in a GUI, pressing buttons for each task automated.

It is definitely a tool that any user, novice it may employ. Although we warned from here, that intentional misuse or not properly consult the guide could permanently damage your device HTC One

Finally, for those interested in this all in one, we leave the direct link to download.


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