Windows programs on Android

Wine for Android, Do you run Windows programs on Android?

This time you approach a very good news and we will pass the good wishes to this project, which all Android fans who are eager to come to light. The headline is: Wine for Android.

What is Wine? For those who know little about the free software, insurance also have tried a little of what is Linux. This is a feature we all know, more or less, in this latest operating system, more than 90% of the programs used are compatible with Windows only. To give you a quick and defining, a group of independent developers, then Linux developers have shaped Wine, a platform for running Windows applications on Linux.

But what sense does it have this software on our Android? Here is where the real important point. Many are those who have a very high-end equipment, with multicore processors and certainly more than 512Mb of RAM? If you are one of those who loves to squeeze the most of your mobile, this platform let you. Do you imagine that would be fantastic typical run some Windows programs on your mobile? The sad thing about this news is that it only announced a few days ago and that is just in a development stage and has not even passed the ALPHA state. We wish you much strength and hope to anxious news this fabulous application.


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