Turn Your Phone into a Scientific Calculator

8 apps to turn your phone into a scientific calculator

Not deny , however good you are with math or mental arithmetic , which occasionally has had to resort to a calculator , either a simple or scientific . Operations as basic as buying products , monthly income or a simple bill we can make with our own calculator for Smartphone, but what about more complex operations ?

There are several applications that can make our device, whether Android or iOS , in a complete and functional scientific calculator. In case you did not know, scientific calculators are capable of performing arithmetic , trigonometric and statistical . In case you do not have one, we'll bring you the 8 best applications that you can find both the Android and iOS ecosystem .

Scientific Calculators for Android platform

An application with a user interface in the style of classicism. We remind lacalculadora lifetime . Great gray buttons for trigonometry and other , more obscure , for basic arithmetic . Also, if anything stands this application is to include among its functions , logarithmic operations , operating history and formulas with their nomenclatures .

Scientific Calculator / TechCalc : Unlike the previous application , we found a design so striking and conservative. However, we highlight its high functionality, such as graphics rendering , generating formulas , unit converter and matrices , as well as calculating astronomical distances . It is without doubt the most advanced computing applications .

RealCalc Scientific Calculator : In this case we find a similar interface to the first application analyzed scientific Calculdora Kal . If anything this application include the top 8 of the best calculators for terminals is due to its high storage capacity results. Enjoy up to 10 memories / cell to add the results to the following operations . Moreover, as one would expect also has a history full results , unit converter and possibility of trigonometric functions.

King Calculator :

Finally we found this application , we can not say it's the best , but yes, that will meet the expectations of users initiated. Enjoy a pleasant and colorful interface. To make matters worse, includes features such as graphical representation of equations, trigonometric functions and a complete history of recent calculations.

Scientific Calculators for the iOS platform (iPhone , iPad)

Quick Graph: This calculator is noted particularly for the treatment of mathematics applied to graphs . So much so , that Quick Graph represents the equations in a colorful 3D graphics, as well as , of course, offer spherical coordinate systems , Cartesian , etc. . We also found a small "library " where to find the most common equations and their resolutions . Finally , we should mention thanks to this application we can share our charts via Twitter or Email.

Sci Calc has no functionality to equations and graphs , and you do not have a very elegant , indeed, leaves much to be desired. However, special mention their ability to perform arithmetic and trigonometric operations . It has a little history to store our previous operations. It is certainly recommended application for those users who do not require many functions.

CalcMadeEasy Free: In this application we find an almost exact representation of the typical calculator model "CASIO " . This calculator is divided into two areas , the calculator as such and a section for notes. With reference to the calculator not much to comment . However, with respect to the notes , Free CalcMadeEasy will allow us to perform operations as if we were in front of the sheet , enjoying great freedom . Unlike the calculator screen .

Free Graphing Calculator : Finally , we review a calculator application that provides two different modes . On the one hand has normal scientific calculator functions , and secondly, for the representation functions of equations by graphing . The most remarkable thing is that it has very useful information to solve some of the equations raised.


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