Filedrop , Exchange Files Quickly

Filedrop , exchange files quickly

It is not the first nor the last application for the iOS ecosystem will find we allow the exchange of files quickly and efficiently . If you can know the application Instashare get an idea of the functions that we will meet in Filedrop .


With a WiFi connection Filedrop and get quickly exchange files through the network. It has support for iOS and OS X. Moreover , thanks to its use does not require wired or storage services in the cloud like Google Drive can be popular or Dropbox. Filedrop will allow us to share our files with other Macs or iOS devices (iPhone , iPod and iPad) . In addition , it also has support for Windows systems .

Operation of Filedrop

As usual in this type of application , the operation is extremely simple. With both devices connected to the same Wi -Fi ( local network) , will open Filedrop and - automatically - see our documents and files to share . If we Filedrop for Mac OS so you only need to drag and drop the file onto the window to which we want to transfer . Next, the screen will notify us if you want to accept or deny sending the file.

One of the highlights found in the iOS version is the implementation of new features such as touch gestures and slip - in the style of " Swipe " - . Thus, if you slip the screen to the right will open the share menu , however when we move to the left will delete the file from your device .

But there's more , is that Filedrop is due to receive a new update which will increase their features and functions. Some will be the ability to play streaming photos and music from your iPhone or iPad. Finally, note that Filedrop is available for download completely free of charge .


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