How to Fix Android phones remotely with TeamViewer QuickSupport.

How to Fix Android phones remotely with TeamViewer QuickSupport.
Many users who have their Android phones are always saying or asking: "How to activate the WiFi", "This does not work, I have to do as I do to fix it." For this issue, today in this guide will explain how to solve these problems and many others without wasting time, this will be possible with the power TeamViewer QuickSupport.

What is QuickSupport TeamViewer?

Surely people know its very good TeamViewer Remote Control application, this is an app that allows us to control our PC in a very safe. But now, just launched a new application called QuickSupport, an application that allows us to provide remote support to the people who have installed. It works by following these steps:
Person 1  knows a lot about mobile and person 2 has no idea how to use them.

Person 2  QuickSupport installed on your phone and the person 1 has installed TeamViewer on your computer.

Person 2 has a problem, open QuickSupport and tells the number to Person 1.

Party 1 and can control the phone person 2 to fix it.
With QuickSupport can also control the SMS, change the settings of mail, check that everything is in order with respect to the operation or anything else.

Point to Emphasize

It could not all be wonderful, unfortunately TeamViewer QuickSupport only works with Samsung phones only, probably by an agreement. Although Samsung has a good position in the market and surely someone you know has one, is a big disappointment. We must wait for the future to expand the number of devices that you can implement this support.


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