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As end your ads Samsung Galaxy S3

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the pinnacle of smartphone technology. It's fast, powerful and lets you do all sorts of things, whether playing, working or surfing the web with full flash. However, you may have noticed that certain applications and, in fact, some web pages are full of ads too annoying, no doubt, no one opened (except by mistake). But if you have root access on your device you can take steps to get rid of them and focus on what you really want, which is the content. The ads is what most concerns Smartphone users, but if you have a device with access to the root directory you can get rid of them once and for all.

Search "AdFree Android"

Download and install the application

Once installation is complete, open it

Appear some squares

Make sure "Check services for daily updates" is checked

Make sure "Apply Automatic Updates" is checked

Make sure "Use" is checked

Then click "Download and Install Servers"

Wait for the application to execute the changes

Reboot your device

When turned on again, users will be free of ads

Enjoy your Samsung Galaxy S3 with all the freedoms


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