Quick Settings Install Android 4.2 on any version

Quick Settings Install Android 4.2 on any version

One of the most interesting improvements of Android 4.2, at least in terms of functionality, is the new Quick Settings, some shortcuts to settings located in the notification bar, allowing us to change some of the system from the same bar. But as we all know, not all phones are capable of running on the latest version of Google's operating system, so here we bring you a solution for all those who are oldest phone (this app works with Android versions from 2.1 onwards) . To download you do not need the phone rooteado (if you know what it is, surely not have rooteado, so there's no problems), just enough to install the application from the PlayStation Store. Among the options that can be accessed from the notification bar with this application, are:

Toggles (wifi, data, bluetooth, rotation, airplane mode, GPS, etc..)



multimedia declared unto them

And many more options ..


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