How to prevent our Smartphone 3G consumed overseas

How to prevent our Smartphone 3G consumed overseas

If the circumstances of life have you allowed to travel to another country , whether for work or pleasure , you should know that 3G data consume more than normal when making connections to the Internet. Some of you ye limited 3G rates , so far so good , but did you know your rate applies only to the country where he hired?

To avoid the extra expenses that occur in this type of situation, today we bring you a complete tutorial that explain how to keep your mobile device consumes 3G abroad. It is worth mentioning that gradually , particularly since last summer , companies offer cheaper rates for the mobile Internet . We talk about concepts such as roaming and data roaming. Before starting we recommend that, if possible , I conectéis to points that you find Wi -Fi and other connections desconectéis of your mobile terminal.

Configuring mobile networks

We will disconnect the sensor that automatically accesses the mobile network and the data roaming ( Roaming) .

If you have an Android device you should apply to "Settings > Wireless & networks> Mobile networks ." Within this menu, locate the options that we may disconnect .

If instead your terminal is an Apple iPhone, we should be on the menu "System Settings " ( gear icon ) , then click on "General" . If we are on the menu indicated we will run into the " Mobile data " , from here we can control all aspects of mobile connections . If we cancel the three options we see , ie " mobile data " , " Data Roaming " and " Enable 3G " will make sure your iPhone does not have the ability to automatically connect to any network.

Finally, if you are a Windows Phone the process will be similar to those detailed above. First we are at the menu "Settings" , inside we find a submenu to the " Mobile networks " . If you completely want to make sure that our device does not connect to networks abroad , we recommend that deshabilitéis the "Data connection " and " Roaming" .

Needless to say , the process safer we can make to spare us this kind of problem is to cancel access to mobile networks before crossing the border. Through this process when we connect our system have blocked terminal communication systems with antennas , therefore not make any connection .


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