How to use your iPhone as a wireless keyboard or mouse

How to use your iPhone as a wireless keyboard or mouse

Some time ago we saw how to control our iPhone camera remotely. The tutorial - today we bring analysis allow us to use our device like a mouse or keyboard it were , and best of all , completely wireless . Note that this application is found available for devices under iOS operating system .

Remote Mouse is the name given to this fantastic application that will get we move through the system , whether PC or Mac , no need to get up off the couch . Remote Mouse is designed for all those people who use wireless keyboards and mice and have to be every few minutes changing batteries. One of the most notable and notorious is , without doubt , its quick and easy setup. No need to be a guru or that possess great computer skills to properly configure your computer with Remote mouse.

Remote features Mouse

Compatibility with Mac OS X Tiger / Leopard / Snow Leopard.

Support for Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7.

Simple user interface and intuitive.

Support for multi -touch.

Support for the accelerometer.

Double click to open folders and double-click.

Touch pad with vertical and horizontal orientation .

This application comes with all essential features for free use . The only downside is the ad we found, nothing that can not be solved by paying the deserved $ 2 of this App has a size of 2 MB and is required iOS version 3.0 or higher to run it .

Installation and Configuration

First, if you do not already have Remote Mouse installed, download it from the App Store. Then , you must install the client on your computer (PC or MAC ) by downloading it from the official site . For the configuration can be carried out , both the terminal and our team must be connected to the same WiFi network .

Normally we do not usually find difficulty with auto-detection , however , if you find fault proceed to make settings manually. To do this, we must know the IP address of our team. Once we have it, you must enter on the iPhone / iPad / iPod . If we have correctly entered the IP address, we will see how to move around the screen of your iPhone we move well on the computer .

If you are working with a Mac should know that since the selection screen you can use Remote Mouse buttons for the music player , keypad, power control, didactic presentations , etc. . Finally, if some special feature in Remote Mouse is optimization which has , as we can appreciate the fluidity with which you move the mouse, as if it were a conventional one .


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