How quickly and easily save all of your Android data with G Cloud Backup

One of the things that most annoys Android users is having to make a backup of your device. It is fundamental to any consumer device where we have data to back up every so often , programs or applications that do decently and the amount or type of data you want, are very difficult to find. It is true that many users neglect certain types of data which do not attach importance ( SMS list , call log, etc. ) , either because they do not use or have them because otherwise synchronized ( Google contacts ) . Although it is also true that there are some users who need to salvage those files.

As I explained , there are applications that backup our data and / or applications. And also there that, in addition to this copy, synchronize data with our cloud . This applications that today we bring that stands out from the others. This includes options beyond the conventional , such as contact list, call records and SMSs .

G Cloud Backup is easy to use and also very practical. It has a very simple interface to the eye and very intuitive , at first beginning we asked to believe a user. Done that, we take a screen will show a list where you can select what things we include in our backup. The list includes contacts , call logs , messages, documents , pictures, music and videos.

One of the major shortcomings of the application, is that you can make a selection in depth of what we want or do not save . We can not decide save pictures or videos , but we must keep it all . This is a big limitation , since the application itself limits us the copy size to 1GB .

Once the selection, if we are connected to the Internet, start the copy process . When I finish it, we can decide if we want to enable the option that the application makes a backup every day or not. In addition , of course other options such as trigger a notification to tell us when running the backup process or if we do the backups only connected to a Wi - Fi .

All this is free. The application itself is free , but as I mentioned earlier, we will only have 1GB of available space .


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