How to disable automatic downloading of pictures and videos on WhatsApp

In this guide, especially Android, we bring the solution for those WhatsApp users who want to control the transmission of multimedia files in this application.
The latest update to the Android app WhatsApp, modified the system of downloading images and videos in our conversations, making an instantaneous thing, after modification, the application downloading photos and videos directly, without asking, unlike before.

To disable automatic downloading of images and videos will have to do the following steps ...

Once we are in chat WhatsApp, click the Options button, for example in the Samsung Galaxy Ace, would click the left button, which has a half-rectangle symbol with two lines inside.

Seeing all the options offered (again, new group, state ...) select Settings.

Now, we will go to Settings Chat.

Chat settings appear in several options, just have to click on Download images automatically, disable it.

When we have finalized these steps, automatic downloading of multimedia content is disabled, thereafter the images and videos sent to us by WhatsApp, will appear in conversation, indicating its size, along with the download option, that we manually if we are interested or not.


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