Samsung Kies

Why not connect my Samsung phone with your computer via Samsung Kies ?

computer connection to the phone after installing Samsung Kies . In this guide, we'll see what the requirements we must meet to make a successful connection to your computer with the mobile phone.

For computer with Windows operating system , the requirements for proper operation of Samsung Kies are:

Windows XP , Windows Vista, Windows 7 ( 32/64 bit)

Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or higher.

Minimum RAM : 1.00 GB

Free space on hard disk: At least 500MB .

Software required : Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher, Windows Media Player 10 or higher , DirectX 9.0C .

As for the software required , if you have Windows updated through Windows Update, this will download all the security patches and updates . Net framework , windows media , etc, so you do not have to download manually , if you have configured your computer to the download and install automatically. Once you meet these requirements , install Samsung Kies .

Once installed Kies , reboot the computer and once restarted, connect our Samsung Galaxy to the computer via USB port . If we perform the above steps correctly, the computer will install the drivers for the phone and recognize the same , showing on the screen the model and information on memory used , free, firmware version , etc. . Maybe once connected mobile, have to restart the computer again .

If you have connection problems, you may find that :

We are not using an Administrator account on our PC , so , be sure to use one that is Administrator .

Some PC front ports are not useful , if not connected to the front , try the rear USB ports .

If you have a hub - USB hub , do not use . Connects directly to PC , with the criteria mentioned above as the front ports are hub - USB hubs.

One of the reasons why it fails to connect to PC , it's because you have formatted the internal SD memory card , so we'll have to format it before proceeding with the USB connection .

In connection problems, if we have a Antivirus with Firewall package , you can block access to the USB port , so if an ad shows USB connection , allow the connection.

If even so, we still can not connect , Kies will provide a last option , the connection troubleshooting , look for a button that possible causes of the problem and indications that we do or if we are doing something wrong, we lack any requirement , etc. .

Once a successful connection , it only remains to configure the application , do we synchronize or save a copy of every means, photographs , videos , contacts, etc , everything is configurable.


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