How to Install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread on your Samsung Galaxy I9003 SL

How to Install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread on your Samsung Galaxy I9003 SL

In this opportunity , we will present a guide on how to install Android Gingerbread firmware on Samsung Galaxy I9003 SL and get the best performance. The good thing is that it requires root access .

Need this firmware : I9003XXKPE . Herein we needed programs and firmware except Samsung USB driver that can get down here .

Now follow the instructions STEP BY STEP unpacked files that should not be , and everything will work perfectly in minutes and have successfully migrated to Gingerbread :

By downloading the file I9003XXKPE.rar , it should extract the files to a folder, and you must use the password when asked .

Odin3_v1.83.exe execute and we leave it open in the foreground.

With the phone off , we DOWNLOADING mode , pressing the buttons: Volume Down + Home + Power .

In that state, connect the phone to the PC with the USB cable .

Odin we detect the cellular connection . If not , be sure you have installed the Samsung USB Driver is higher . It can be downloaded from anywhere, if they could not download it from Softpedia.

With the terminal connected , mark the box Re - Partition in Odin program .

Choose the file latona_20110114.pit with PIT button .

Click on START and the team will spend the Latona . Upon completion, the cell will be left with a black screen .

Click the Reset button in Odin .

Open the lid of the computer and remove the battery and disconnect the USB cable from the PC . We put the battery, access the DOWNLOADING mode and reconnect the USB cable.

In the Odin use the following buttons to select each file as follows: BOOTLOADER : APBOOT_I9003XXKPE_CL409735_REV08_user_low_ship.tar . Md5

PDA : d5 CODE_I9003XXKPE_CL409735_REV08_user_low_ship.tar.m

PHONE: MODEM_I9003XXKPE_REV_00_CL1041909.tar.md5

- Note: For American users , use this file instead .

CSC : GT -I9003 -CSC -MULTI - OXAKPE.tar.md5

Click START again and hopefully it will flash the computer (for at least 10 minutes)

When done flashing , the computer will restart once or twice . No close Odin until they see that the cell displays the screen with the welcome tutorial . If not , press the RESET button in Odin and wait to restart the computer normally.

Ready ! Already have Gingerbread 2.3.4 and notice a great improvement in the performance of your Galaxy SL.

Note: We have seen cases where Odin hangs every time we try Flashing . When I pass that, delete MD5 file extension .


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